Report on the Humboldt Kolleg Conference, Zagreb, 10-11 October 2019

The Croatian Humboldt Club has offered an opportunity to Croatian scientists and to scientists from the European countries to present their respective fields of study about the problems and perspectives of science and education in relation to the labour market in Croatia and the European Union.


The conference was attended by about 130 participants, organized in two parallel sections, one of which was scheduled for the presentations by young scientists. Two roundtables and a poster section were held at the conference, too. Within the conference, a joint sightseeing of the city was organized as well as two conference dinners.

The main features of the conference are the followings:

1. For the first time in Croatia, a larger Humboldt Kolleg gathering was organized with a topic that was of interest to all Croatian Humboldt people as well as the wider scientific community. This was a great opportunity to make contacts and exchange information, ideas and establish future collaboration between native humboldtians and other scientists with humboldtians and scientists from abroad.

2. Young scholars, PhDs and postdoctoral fellows have shown great interest in attending the conference and in the possibilities of applying for postdoctoral research under the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation program. By presenting their research work, they were very active in the young scientists section as well as in the poster section where they presented their posters.

3. With the participation of scientists and humboldtians from neighbouring and other countries from abroad, the possibility of further international and regional scientific cooperation was realized. In the previous period, and especially during 2018 and 2019, the President of the Croatian Humboldt Club encouraged this cooperation by participating in several Humboldt Kolleg gatherings in Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia. A delegation of representatives of Humboldt clubs from these countries also participated in the Croatian Humboldt Kolleg gathering where they contributed to their presentations and discussions at round tables. The friendly relations that have been established within these gatherings continue, and we believe that they will result in stronger cooperation between scientists from these countries. Contribution to this thesis is the participation of representatives of the Croatian Club of Humboldt Pavo Barisic, former club president and Mila Ivanda, current club president at the 250th anniversary celebration of the birth of Alexander von Humboldt (see the last page of this document for more details).

President of the Croatian Humboldt Club
Mile Ivanda


The main conference sessions were held at the Big lecture hall in the library of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU). Junior scientist sessions were held at the small HAZU hall.

Humboldt Kolleg was opened in the morning on Thursday 10th of October by the president of the Croatian Humboldt Club (KHH) Dr. Mile Ivanda. (Fig.1)

Figure 1. President of the Croatian Humboldt Club, Dr. Mile Ivanda

Dr. Ivanada’s presentation was followed by short greeting talks by Dr. Robert Klinke, German ambassador to Croatia (Fig. 2), State secretary in the Ministry of Science and Education, Dr. Tome Antičić (Fig. 3), Secretary of the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts (HAZU), prof, Dario Vretenar (Fig. 4), and  Rector of the Zagreb University, prof. Damir Boras.

Figure 2. Robert Klinke, German ambassador.

Figure 3. State secretary in the Ministry of Science and Education, Dr. Tome Antičić

Figure 4. Secretary of the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts (HAZU), prof, Dario Vretenar

After these introductory talks, a brief musical intermezzo followed with the musical ensemble Impact Factor consisting of scientist from the Ruđer Bošković Institute (Fig. 5)

Figure 5. Musical intermezzo with Impact Factor ensemble

The main session of the first day started with the talk about Alexander von Humboldt given by prof. Pavo Barišić (Fig. 6)

Figure 6. Prof. Pavo Barišić, Alexander von Humboldt als Weltwissenschaftler und Weltbürger

The conference proceeded with keynote lectures and invited lecturs according to the Conference programme. Some of the lectures are presented in following pictures. (Fig. 7 – 10)

Figure 7. Prof. Milena Žic Fuchs

Figure 8. Dr. Blaženka Melić

Figure 9. Dr. Dubravko Kičić

Figure 10. Prof Siegfried Gehrmann

Some of the lectures in the young scientists’ sessions are depicted in Figs 11. and 12.

Figure 11. Young scientists’ session

Figure 12. Young scientists’ session

Two roundtable discussions were organized, Fig. 13. and Fig. 14.

Figure 13. Roundtable I: Science does matter: How to integrate technology, health, and environment

Figure 14. Roundtable II: Young scientists in the next decade: education and chances

Some of the lectures given on the second day of the Conference are given in Figs 15 – 17

Figure 15. Prof. Alemka Markotić

Figure 16. Prof. Ashok Vaseashta

Figure 17. Prof. Slobodan Vukičević

Figure 18. Prof. Juergen Popp

Over 50 posters were presented during Poster session, Friday afternoon, Figs 17. – 19.

Figure 19. Poster session

Figure 20. Poster session

Figure 21. Poster session

Conference Dinner held on Thursday evening was opportunity for exchange of small souvenirs, Fig. 22

Figure 22 Conference dinner

Participants, big photo:

The cooperation between neighbouring states Humboldt clubs continues:

On December 11, 2019, the Humboldt Club of Serbia hosted a scientific conference at the Goethe Institute in Belgrade on the 250th anniversary of the birth of Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859), The event was welcomed by German Ambassador to Serbia Thomas Schieb, Director of the Goethe-Institute in Belgrade Frank Baumann and President of the Club of Croatian Humboldtons Prof. dr. sc. Mile Ivanda. One of the invited speakers was the Dean of the Faculty of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb, prof. dr. sc. Pavo Barisic, who spoke of Alexander von Humboldt as a world scientist and citizen of the world.

Ambassador Schieb, prof. Barišić and prof. Ivanda in Belgrade December 11, 2019

Former and current Presidents of the Humboldt Clubs of Croatia and Serbia December 11, 2019